Shira Kammen - Rafe's Waltz

Let's finish this piano series with a piano + violin piece from Shira Kammen which has a little world music touch...

Song: Shira Kammen - Rafe's Waltz (4:53 min, 4.5 MB)
License: CC-by-nc-sa 1.0
Source: magnatune.com

Ehren Starks - No Silence Please

Another fine piano piece, this time from Ehren Starks.

Song: Ehren Starks - No Silence Please (2:50 min, 2.7 MB)
License: CC-by-nc-sa 1.0
Source: magnatune.com

John Holowach - My Piano Sings (Part 2)

John Holowach

A very nice and relaxed piano-centered piece by John Holowach. He has released a lot of his albums for free (see narphonax.com), and I'm sure I'll have more songs from him here on the podcast...

Song: John Holowach - My Piano Sings (Part 2) (3:59 min, 5.1 MB)
License: CC-by-sa 2.0
Source: archive.org

Snu - Sleepless

Hello everyone! Today's first song is the instrumental piano piece "Sleepless" by Snu. It also features snappy drums and a very nice rhythm...

Song: Snu - Sleepless (3:00 min, 4.2 MB)
License: CC-by-nc-sa 2.0
Source: archive.org

Rob Costlow - Bliss

Welcome to the first "show" of Uwe Hermann's Music Podcast (very creative name, eh?). Don't worry, you will not be bored by my rants here, this is a pure music podcast, you won't hear a single word from me.

I will be posting links to freely available songs ("podsafe music") by various artists and from various music genres like electronic music (trance, ambient, etc.), celtic and other "world" music, classical, acoustic, pop, rock, and lots more. All songs are freely and legally available, because the artists who created them released them to the public under a free license. In most cases this is a Creative Commons license.

Now a short story about how I started podcasting: I installed iPodder recently and tried out various podcasts out of curiosity. In Adam Curry's Daily Source Code #237 he played a great tune by Rob Costlow called "Bliss" (which, it seems, Rob Costlow had composed as a wedding gift for his wife). This song was, in some way, the initial spark. I thought to myself hey, why shouldn't I create my own podcast, full with music I like?. As you can see and hear, I couldn't find any reason not to do it.

You can subscribe to my podcast via any podcatcher — use the RSS feed at http://www.hermann-uwe.de/podcast/rss.xml.

And now, without further ado, here comes the first song of this podcast: "Bliss" by Rob Costlow, a wonderful, purely instrumental piano piece.

Song: Rob Costlow - Bliss (7:56 min, 7.3 MB)
License: CC-by-nc-sa 1.0
Source: magnatune.com

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