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Steve Mallett has announced his new clone called The main difference between both, is that the (Perl) source code for is freely available under the same license as Perl and it has a note-taking feature, i.e. you can add longer notes/posts to every URL.

I'm curious how successful it'll be and how it will compare to


Yahoo buys Flickr

The Flickr blog tells us that Flickr (a site where you can post your photos and tag them, similar to has been bought by Yahoo. Although they provide some information about what will change and what won't, I'm curious which changes really lie ahead...

A nice quote from the blog entry:

Waaaaaaaah!! I don't want Flickr to change!
Don't forget to breathe. It's not the end, it's the beginning!, a Social Bookmarks Manager

A nice article called Absolutely - Complete Tool Collection over at Quick Online Tips That Work lists a lot of tools and frontends to which you might want to checkout.

If you don't already know about, checkout this beginner's guide to

Google to support Wikipedia with servers and bandwidth?

Google plans to support the free online encyclopedia Wikipedia with servers and bandwidth.
Jimmy Wales, founder of the Wikipedia, has talked to Sergei Brin and Larry Page (the founders of Google) already, and a discussion between them and the Wikimedia Foundation on a private IRC channel is planned.
The offer is said to be with no strings attached, i.e. Wikipedia doesn't have to place Google AdWords in their pages in return.

This will surely raise quite a heated debate, as many might fear that the Wikipedia will not remain independent anymore...

(via and Golem)

Google Maps

I'll keep this short, as the whole world has been blogging about this already: Google has released their latest Beta service Google Maps.

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