Server/client bookmarks a la

Jesus Climent asks for a "client/server solution for my bookmarks", which I read as " clone". As the comment feature is not available on his blog, I answer with another blog post.

I know of the following Free Software clones:

  1. Scuttle (PHP, GPL)
  2. Rubric (Perl, Artistic license + GPL)
  3. Insipid (Perl, GPL)

I haven't tested recent versions of any of those, but I'll give scuttle another try soon, as I have wanted my own local for quite a while...

Tagging art

Interesting idea: create art (poems, haikus, fiction, ...) using tags from social tagging sites like, flickr, or technorati. A first example is available on flickr: an event invitation using tags.

(via The Social Software Weblog)

Blog updates: tagadelic + gsitemap + atom

I cleaned up my blog a bit, today (various smaller updates, removed spam comments and trackbacks from my moderation queue etc.). While I was at it, I also tried some new Drupal modules:

Funny new stuff. Tell me how you like it.

Updated Drupal / Security Issues

As most of you probably noticed, the design and structure of my homepage and my blog changed quite a bit a few days ago.
That was me upgrading to Drupal 4.6.1, which makes my life a lot easier, has a bunch of new features (e.g. my blog now has tags) and bugfixes, and most importantly fixes a serious security issue.

Two days ago I tried to help a bit with the new Drupal 4.6.2 release, which mainly fixes two major security problems. The first one is an issue with incorrect input validation, resulting in the DRUPAL-SA-2005-002 security advisory. The second one fixes a problem in the XML-RPC library shipped with Drupal (and Wordpress, and PostNuke, and...), resulting in DRUPAL-SA-2005-003.
It was quite a fun experience for me, the release was coordinated and discussed on IRC, we had lots of peer-review of the advisories and release-announcement, testing the patches etc. Thanks to all who participated and made this such a great experience.

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