Scuttle, a clone written in PHP

I found another free clone of, yesterday. It's called Scuttle and is written in PHP instead of Perl (as is the case with Rubric, the code behind Also, Scuttle is GPL'd whereas Rubric uses the Artistic lincense. As of version 0.2.0 Scuttle supports the API.

I'll probably try out Scuttle on this site soon, to find out how useful it is and how it works., a clone

Steve Mallett has announced his new clone called The main difference between both, is that the (Perl) source code for is freely available under the same license as Perl and it has a note-taking feature, i.e. you can add longer notes/posts to every URL.

I'm curious how successful it'll be and how it will compare to


Links section now replaced with

I have replaced my old and unmaintained list of bookmarks at with an automatically (via XML feed) updated list of my most recent bookmarks.

Also, there's a new block "My Bookmarks" on the right which shows the ten most recent entries on my bookmarks list.

My shiny new account

After reading for a while now and being quite content with it, I decided I could as well get an account, too.
You can now view what I'm bookmarking on my page, Have fun.

Crazy Hacks on

Crazy Hacks Logo

Wow. I just noticed that my Crazy Hacks wiki is currently listed on / popular. I'm impressed.
The list of people who bookmarked Crazy Hacks currently has 35 items (27 added recently).

This rise of interest in the site may also be partly due to the recent slashdotting of the How I Feed My Cats with Linux article by Chris McAvoy, which has been listed on Crazy Hacks for some time now.

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