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Updated SELFHTML 8.1 Debian Package

SELFHTML is a very popular German (X)HTML reference and tutorial which also covers CSS, JavaScript and related technologies.
Today, I have updated the SELFHTML Debian package to the new upstream version 8.1 (I'm the Debian maintainer of the SELFHTML package).
It's probably too late for the upcoming sarge release, but at least the package is now available for those who use unstable (and testing, soon).

Debian has a new project leader [Update]

The Debian Project Leader Election 2005 Results have been published today. The new Debian project leader (DPL) is Branden Robinson, congratulations!

A total of 504 developers voted, which is 52.227% of all possible votes.

(First post!!!1 Erm, I mean... I posted this even before it appears on Slashdot)

Update: Both, Symlink (German) and Slashdot have the story now.

BFBTester and other Auditing Tools

I tried out the nice bfbtester tool (Brute Force Binary Tester) today, which performs checks of single and multiple argument command line overflows as well as environment variable overflows and thus helps in finding possibly insecure software (and fixing it, of course).

A few minutes ago, I stumbled upon a very similar post by Nico Golde, who blogged about bfbtester today, too.

I'll probably post a slightly longer article eventually, listing some more tools for checking and auditing software (either black-box style using bfbtester or similar tools, or white-box style, i.e. tools which scan the source code of the software being tested, like rats, flawfinder, pscan etc.).

The Debian Security Audit Project (which I have joined recently in order to help a bit with auditing Debian packages) has some more information about a few Security Auditing Tools.

Debian Developers Map

Seems like I'm a bit fanatic about maps lately... Here's a world map of where the Debian developers live:

Debian Developers World Map

It's generated from anonymized location data of the developers using the xplanet package.

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