Bored? Make music with your scanner [Update]

Bored? Feeling that artistic vibe? Why not make some music with your (HP ScanJet) scanner? Or at least watch a video of other people doing so (as soon as the slashdotting has stopped and the video is back, that is)?

Note to self: Add this to Crazy Hacks later, gotta run now.

Update 2006-01-23: Added this to Crazy Hacks (finally!).

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Play-Doh fingers can fool 90% of all fingerprint scanners

Oops. Engadget reports that Play-Doh fingers can fool 90% of all fingerprint scanners. This is nothing really new. The remarkable thing is that more and more companies and government organizations rely on such biometric authentication. Now, they all have been told about the problems, but nobody seems to want to listen...

(via Techdirt)

Nessus forked [Update]

The company behind the Nessus security scanner announced that future releases will no longer be licensed under the terms of the GPL.

Of course (Nessus being the #1 rated project at we didn't have to wait very long for a fork — the Porz-Wahn project was announced yesterday.

Update: More Nessus forks have been announced: GNessUs, Segusius, GPL'ed Nessus Checks, and probably a few more...

(via Heise)

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