Unsubscribing from mailing lists and RSS feeds

Frederico Oliveira talks about some interesting issues regarding the information overload most of us are experiencing. He unsubscribed from several RSS feeds in order to cut down the mass of information.

I'm goint to do the same thing, too. My first step was to reduce the amount of daily email, though. I have just finished unsubscribing from 16 mailing lists which I don't really read very often (this automatically reduces the amount of spam I get, too). I'm left with ca. 80 mailing lists now. I'll probably remove some more and concentrate on those which I really need and/or read regularly.

The next step is to unsubscribe from several RSS feeds, but that's not that much of an issue. I find tracking RSS feeds easier and more manageable than tracking mailinglists (not sure why). For the statistics freaks, I currently subscribe to ca. 320 feeds, but I read way more of them regularly than I do with mailing lists...

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