Thievery Corporation - DC 3000

Thievery Corporation album art

Great music from the The WIRED CD: Thievery Corporation with "DC 3000". Not exactly and unknown DJ duo...

Song: Thievery Corporation - DC 3000 (4:27 min, 11.0 MB)
License: CC-sampling-plus 1.0
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Atomica - Larsen

Atomica album art

Atomica's album Metropolitan "maneuvers effortlessly through genres, incorporating elements of trip hop, orchestral, downtempo, and lo-fi, all the while illustrating a compelling story of loss, affliction, collapse and recovery through Alin’s unadorned writing approach and Cheatham’s impassioned delivery. While fans of Portishead, Bjork, and Lamb are certain to appreciate, Metropolitan introduces a sound that is distinctly Atomica".

I have nothing to add to that. Enjoy the fine trip hop style song "Larsen" from the album...

(found via Starfrosch)

Song: Atomica - Larsen (4:26 min, 4.1 MB)
License: CC-sampling-plus 1.0
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Shockshadow - Samurai Story

"Samurai Story" — an absolutely stunning, calm piece of electronic music mixed with japanese influences. Great work by Shockshadow.

If someone knows where I can find free (traditional) japanese music similar to this (preferably featuring a shamisen), please let me know! I've been searching for quite a long time, but I seem to be unable to find much Creative Commons licensed music like this...

Song: Shockshadow - Samurai Story (6:59 min, 6.5 MB)
License: CC-sampling-plus 1.0

DeutscheUnschuld - Coast to Coast (Remix)

Now, I usually don't listen to hip hop or rap, but I found one or two tracks which are actually quite nice — and will feed them to you now ;-)

The first one is DeutscheUnschuld's remix of J.Lang's "Coast to Coast". Listen to the original piece, too, you'll be impressed at how different the remix sounds.

Oh, and visit, the site is really great. Artists have a plethora of Creative Commons licensed music and samples they can choose from for remixing or for their own songs — and the results are really stunning. Creative Commons at it's best!

Song: DeutscheUnschuld - Coast to Coast (Remix) (3:50 min, 5.3 MB)
License: CC-sampling-plus 1.0

Gilberto Gil - Oslodum

Gilberto Gil

We continue with another song from The WIRED CD. "Oslodum" is a lively song full of rhythm by the legendary Gilberto Gil (who is the current Minister of Culture in Brazil, by the way).

Song: Gilberto Gil - Oslodum (3:57 min, 5.2 MB)
License: CC-sampling-plus 1.0

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