Anjibee - Naluwan House (Happiness Mix)

Anjibee album art

More awesomeness from Anjibee with a great lounge / chillout remix... Enjoy!

Song: Anjibee - Naluwan House (Happiness Mix) (5:00 min, 6.9 MB)
License: CC-by-nc 3.0
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Code -

Code album art

And now for some great techno/trance music from Code. The track is called "" and is available from, uhm... Which is an awesome Creative Commons music remix site you should checkout if you don't already know it...

Song: Code - (6:36 min, 7.6 MB)
License: CC-by-nc 3.0
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Dj Vraj - Premanjana remix

Dj Vraj album art

Antimateria (Antimatter in english) is an album of remixes of various samples taken from Hare Krishna devotional music. Most of the tracks were produced and recorded in Lima, Peru, (hence the spanish title)while the rest were completed in Brisbane, Australia.

(found via CC365)

Song: Dj Vraj - Premanjana remix (6:21 min, 5.3 MB)
License: CC-by-sa 2.5
Purchase from: Jamendo

Tomas PhUsIoN - Ophelias Symphony

Tomas PhUsIoN album art

heard the lyrics and all i could think about was a bond movie.

Yep. That's exactly what I thought, too :) Nice remix from

Song: Tomas PhUsIoN - Ophelias Symphony (6:41 min, 6.2 MB)
License: CC-by 2.5
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Yan Ots - Euro Attraction (AfroDisco Mix)

Yan Ots

Random Access Recordings brings you our latest from Russian Native Yan Ots entltled "Euro Attraction." That is exacly what Yan Ots is too, a "Euro Attraction." We think we will definitely raise some eyebrows with this uptempo disco-house stomper.

A disco-house stomper it is, indeed. Enjoy!

(via Starfrosch)

Song: Yan Ots - Euro Attraction (AfroDisco Mix) (5:45 min, 7.8 MB)
License: CC-by-nc-sa 2.5
Purchase from: ?

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