libsigrokdecode 0.1.1 released, more protocol decoders supported

Submitted by Uwe Hermann on Wed, 01/30/2013 - 03:18

sigrok_logo.pngJust a quick announce: We released libsigrokdecode 0.1.1 today, a new version of one of the shared libraries part of the open-source sigrok project (for signal acquisition/analysis of various test&measurement gear, like logic analyzers, scopes, multimeters, etc). I will update the Debian package soonish.

As you probably know, in addition to the infrastructure for protocol decoding, this library also ships with a bunch of protocol decoders written in Python. Currently we support 29 different ones (in various states of "completeness", improvements are ongoing).

can_pd.jpgThis release adds support for the following new protocol decoders:

Please check the announce on the sigrok blog and/or the NEWS file for the full list of changes and improvements.

Happy hacking and decoding!